There is a growing demand among companies for a standardized and unified method for handling their payroll and HR requirements. The need is that they need to harmonize, secure and monitor their critical HR and Payroll process.

MyBestHRMS is a SaaS based software application that helps the business to automate and streamline its HR and Payroll process. It enables the creation of comprehensive employee records to aggregate, manage and report on all employee related information during the complete lifespan of service of the employee with the organization.

MyBestHRMS offers fully integrated functionality enabling HR and Payroll departments to simplify their daily tasks. Its broad set of features comfortably allows organization to manage their workforce efficiently.

How you benefit from SaaS based MyBestHRMS

  • Immediate Cost Savings - With SaaS, there's no need to purchase extra hardware or software, or have IT staff on hand to set it up and manage it. Everything that's required to keep your HR system secure and running smoothly – from data back up to firewall maintenance – is managed by Atharvana.
  • Fast Set Up - With nothing to buy or install, getting started is much simpler. Atharvana will normally give you a log in to your own 'instance' in just a couple of hours.
  • Quick Payback - With no software or hardware requirements and a quicker implementation process, payback is nearly always faster than for in-house or hosted HR systems. In fact, since Atharvana typically add new features, the value you get from your system is likely to increase rather than decrease over time.
  • Easily Accessible - As MyBestHRMS is designed to be used online, employee self-service is built in from the very start. MyBestHRMS has robust roles-based security and approval workflow, so that HR processes are handled effectively, and sensitive data kept safe.
  • Always Up To Date - Atharvana automatically roll out new features to all of their customers as soon as they are released. Releases are more frequent too, since SaaS applications are easier to extend. You'll never be left on an out-of-date system.
  • Better Use Of Time - Managing and updating software can be a huge distraction – for you as well as your colleagues in IT. With MyBestHRMS, Atharvana takes care of the system, including applying the latest updates, so you can concentrate on doing what matters most.
  • Agility Built In - With MyBestHRMS, it's easier to flex the system to meet your needs. You'll be able to add – or remove – employees or users whenever you need to, or roll out the system to new geographies.