MyBestHRMS Payroll Outsourcing Services is here to reduce the load and time for processing the salary, wage and payroll for companies so that they can spend their time more on other aspects of organizational interest and take timely and better decisions in recruiting right people for right positions.

This is to improve the effective functionality of Human Resource Department and for better planning of Human Resource deployment, recruitment management, and track employee performances in a company.

MyBestHRMS Payroll Outsourcing services provides organizations with a simple processing method for payroll, by computing salaries, Leave Management and Attendance Management and offers a GUI with absolute ease of use and navigation.

The key features include

  • HR Setup as per the company specific requirements
  • Maintenance of Resume Database
  • Handling and interview of New Recruitment
  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Performance Appraisal as per the company norms
  • Training Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Statutory formats processing

The USP of MyBestHRMS Payroll Outsourcing services

  • Support entire employee payroll life-cycle, from recruitment to full & final settlement
  • Reduces risk related to compliance and penalties
  • Consolidated, error-free documents & reports
  • Better resource deployment
  • Processing Monthly Salaries
  • Processing payroll based on the latest statutory updates
  • Processing investment declarations of new joinees and updating it on MyBestHRMS
  • Validating the inputs received with your organization policies
  • Providing consolidated reports

All this happens at our end and company needs to just give the variable monthly particulars and percentages.


MyBestHRMS ensures accurate processing of the compliances in payroll like,

  • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  • Professional Tax (PT)
  • Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)
  • Gratuity
  • Bonus
  • Form 16 Generation

Companies will be audit ready all the time with updated information in form of reports and remittance challans.

Processing Monthly Salaries

All you need to do from your end is, send us the variable monthly particulars. From thereon, our operational experts take care of everything.

  • Processing your payroll based on the latest legislative updates
  • Processing investment declarations of your new joins and updating it on MyBestHRMS
  • Validating the inputs received with your organization policies
  • Providing you with consolidated reports

Processing Reimbursements and arrears

MyBestHRMS helps early submitting of reimbursement claims of the employees through web-enabled portal from any place.

MyBestHRMS does the following,

  • Validates the claims based on set rules and policies
  • Integrates the validated claims with payroll data
  • Send consolidated reports on changes made

MyBestHRMS manages everything from –

  • Calculating payable days
  • Leave Encashment days/Notice Period recovery
  • Investment proofs and reimbursement claims during final settlements
  • Other payments/deductions
  • Consolidated reports on net payable/recoverable, final tax workings, etc.

Full and final settlements are the concluding formalities that will be addressed to ensure complete compliance with legal as well as established company policies.

Quarterly Returns Filing (Form 24Q)

MyBestHRMS ensures accurate processing and filings of quarterly returns as these are vital to the integrity of every company.

MyBestHRMS has a comprehensive reconciliation process and ensures maximum accuracy with regard to taxes deducted. Variances, if any, shall be corrected after clarifications from the concerned and are filed as eTDS to generate Form 27A, to be shared with customer.

End-of-year process (Form 16)

Ensuring your employees a smooth year-end process is crucial as the complexities involved during end of the year process could be very demanding and sometimes unmanageable if not planned properly.

Some of the important End-of-Year process reports we provide include –

  • Daily proof submission status reports
  • Documents status on ESS portal
  • Validation status reports
  • Employee-wise rejection reports
  • Query status reports

To ensure legal compliance during exit, maintaining proper documentation of all exiting reports and concluding formalities is important for all organizations. From initiating separation to generating the final service letter, our services include –

  • Full and Final Settlement Management
    Manage full and final settlement for all exit employees with automatic calculation of final payables like salary, leave encashment etc. Generate all the necessary final settlement reports including settlement registers, final settlement slips and bank statements.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience
  • Exit Interviews
  • Reports

All these done online

Generate multiple exit reports from the system including –
    o Exit interview analysis reports, separation type report and status-wise reports
    o Relieving letter and service letter


MyBestHRMS has over 90+ standard reports and numerous customized reports

Embrace the value of getting insightful reports that are valuable for day-to-day business.

Atharvana has one of the best payroll reports to address a company's HR specific needs. It is accessible through a secure network and provides insightful data on your workforce, consequently enabling you to make informed business decisions.

  • Employee pay/labor distribution details
  • Joining and separation trends
  • Loan & recovery statements
  • Employee turnover and retention information

Employee Self-Service

MyBestHRMS Employee Self-Service (ESS) portal is an intuitive platform that enhances employee experience by allowing them to access any details of their time & attendance and leave management. Give your employees the option of resolving their queries, as swift as they would like..

Our ESS portal is an online interface that gives employees the following advantages –

  • View their personal details, change or update their information in real time
  • View their pay slips and their tax computation sheets
  • Manage their leave requests based on company's policies
  • Submit reimbursement claims

ESS portal also serves as an online interface for all other HR activities such as leave management, payroll related expense management.


Recruitment Services

While maintaining the highest professional standards through our commitment to "Ethics First" ideology, we offer exceptional services to our clients and job seekers across the country. Our employees have the tools to create breakthrough business opportunities, the expertise to utilize leading-edge technologies and a passion to deliver results. We are committed to hiring for you the most qualified and skilled employees.

  • Sourcing
    With our excellent networking and a sound data bank of potential candidates from various categories, we have an access to an astonishing number of job seekers.
  • Screening, Selection and Short listing
    As we are well versed with the business operations and industrial requirements of various sectors, we conduct the screening tests of the potential candidates in a highly professional manner. Duly assisted by industry specialists and HR professionals, we can also conduct the selection round, choosing the right candidate for the vacancy and saving significant time at your end.
  • Schedule Interviewing
    After the candidate has been short listed at our end and is ready to face the interview, we schedule the same with you, as per mutual convenience of both the parties.

Employee On-board and Joining Kit

  • Preparing offer letter& take acceptance
  • Document works
    o    Certificate copies as per company norms
    o    Experience / Relieving Letter from previous employer
    o    Self-attested Photographs
    o    ID and Address Proofs
    o    Declaration forms of PF/ESI
    o    PF Transfer / Nomination Form
    o    Forms for salary account
    o    Confidentiality agreement
  • Recording employee basic information
  • Transactional Onboarding
    o    Company Policy acceptance
    o    Induction presentation facilitation
          -   Welcome Note
          -   Brief about company, mission, vision, goals etc.,
          -   Organizational structure
          -   Employee Friendly HR Policies
          -   Etiquette
  • Joining Kit
    o    Policy Manual
    o    Visiting Cards
    o    Employee ID Card
    o    Email ID Creation
  • Communication to all employees