Failure to observe employees, compliance and optimization greatly influences the bottom line of your business. MyBestHRMS solution enables small, medium and large enterprises to streamline core HR administration, talent development, workforce management, performance management and payroll processing on cloud anywhere. Atharvana's MyBestHRMS Core HR solution enables HR to spend less time in managing employee records. Its tracking capabilities let your HR to eradicate paper work related to people management. It relieves them from hassles of manual work and empowers to be part of strategic decision making.


Employee Profile and Administration

With MyBestHRMS gives you the capability to easily and productively store and utilize all aspects of your employee information.

Leave And Attendance

With MyBestHRMS web application, mobile application, and IVRS integration employee attendance and leave requests was never easier. Significantly streamline all your leave-related procedures‚ eliminate paperwork and reduce scheduling hassles.

Employee Self Service

With MyBestHRMS employee self-service, you have the ability to update or change personal information, apply leaves, reimbursement application and many more.

Performance Management & Trainings

Performance Management contains activities which ensure that objectives are consistently being met in a productive and efficient manner. With MyBestHRMS you can configure Assessment year, KRA & KPI configuration and complete assessment workflow.

Recruitment and Selection

With MyBestHRMS quickly identify and recruit top performers by automating your entire hiring process using our Recruitment and Selection Software. Attract and retain right candidates and expand your organisation.

Payroll with Statutory Compliance

With MyBestHRMS adhering to statutory compliance becomes easier so as to keep your business safe. You can easily do TDS, Form 16, IT declaration management.

Employee Benefits Management

With MyBestHRMS you can automate and streamline all of these processes, eliminating paper and empowering your people to use self-service tools.

Business Travel

With MyBestHRMS you can define travel types, mode, travelling expense calculation is automatic through mobile app with GPS based map tracking.

HR Analytics & Metrics

Atharvana's MyBestHRMS assists HR to provide detailed analysis of employee data that supports successful decision making.

MyBestHRMSCore HR solution enables you to
improve workflow efficiency by
Manage absence and attendance
Efficiently examine the time, work and activities
Paying according to employees performance
Eradicating paper work and on time reimbursements as per company's policy